The core business of ZME is precision turning and milling in small to medium-sized production runs for the instrumentation, medical and precision engineering industries. We even deal with supposedly “difficult” materials and plastics. 

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Yet, we are still committed to engineering projects and are keen to make our own contribution when it comes to assessing the value of products.

ZME is a small and compact organisation, which makes us very flexible.
Despite being small in size, ZME has the facilities of a larger organisation, such as a quality management system, adequate measurement tools and machines.
As an organisation, ZME is accustomed to the working methods of the aviation industry, for example. ZME understands that a small organisation also runs the risks associated with the continuity of the company and as a supplier, but we have taken measures in the form of clearly defining our internal business processes.

A further goal of ZME is to ensure customer-oriented quality and quantity, i.e. on-time delivery and no defects.ZME seeks to uphold high standards when it comes to nurturing the long-term relationships with its customers and also sets itself high standards in terms of integrity and confidentiality.  

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